A guide to a Minimalist wardrobe

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” — Karl Lagerfeld.

Minimalism in fashion

Minimalist art found its root in abstract art that was usually depicted simple shapes while displaying the essential features. This type of art did away with gestural expressionism.

In Minimalist visual arts, the personal, gestural elements were stripped away in order to reveal purely objective elements of the painting or art piece. This challenged what art could mean and completely change how modern art would continue to draw inspiration from minimalism.

In this age of consumerism and maximalism, it is Minimalism that extends to any aspect of life, including lifestyle, home décor, and fashion. Comfort, frugality, and convenience are what define minimalist fashion. A minimal approach to fashion is more about the attitude and thought process behind things. Having a minimal approach to fashion means that you approach your closet with intentionality, not aiming for the largest (or smallest) number of things. Rather, your aim is a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and is filled with high-quality pieces you absolutely love that will last years.

The average person only wears 20% of their wardrobe on a regular basis. The clothes I rush to buy collect dust in the closet, whereas my old black cardigan is the staple I end up wearing wherever I go.

By coveting minimalist and capsule wardrobes, saving money becomes an advantage.

Minimalistic clothing may end up costing higher initially, but in the long run, they end up investing in their clothes by not having to purchase the same piece of clothing again and again. Minimalist or modern design tends to be expensive because it costs many ideas to make it look valuable in its simple but functional aspects.

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.-Coco Chanel

The best part is that these outfits never go out of style. Your wardrobe remains timeless and chic throughout the years by adjusting trendy pieces here and there. Having a capsule wardrobe allows you to save up and spend on more essential pieces or accessories.

Try some experiments:

Project 333

Project 333 is a minimalist challenge started by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. it is THE experiment for anyone interested in minimalism. This is one of the ways to figure out what works best for you. The idea behind is simple: you choose 33 pieces to wear for the next 3 months including clothing, accessories, jackets and shoes.

10×10 Style Challenge

The 10×10 challenge was created by Lee Vosburg of Style Bee and it takes place once a season. You choose 10 items — including clothing, shoes, and outerwear, and create 10 unique outfits worn over 10 different days.

A guide to achieving a minimalist wardrobe

Your coat should be a model of investment that will never go out of style. Be sure it is in a tone that can go with most of your wardrobe.

2. Collar shirts

It is a must-have for any true minimalist because this staple can be paired with tons of outfit, be it business casual or stylish formal attire.

3. Oversized Knit sweater

“To be beautiful, woman enough to have a black sweater, black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Oversized wear is getting all the heat at the moment—especially chunky knit sweater with special patterns and details.

4. Everyday basics

I can’t remember not buying a tank top every time I went shopping. And those usually only last me few months! Find a stop to this never-ending search. Get in on permanent basics that will last at least a few years and which can double as casual wear.

5. Skirts

Count on knee-length skirts to save you on every occasion. Pair your skirt over a tight tank top or a blouse with strong accents. I find that a simple black long sleeve usually does the trick.

6. Slippers

Open-toe slippers can be surprisingly chic—scout for unique details like mesh or plaid patterns or thin straps.

7. Accessorize

Looking for art that is wearable is the answer. Jewel tones and golden hues can add character to your clothes. Choose simple and timeless watches to finish your overall minimalist look.

8. White shoes

Where would we be without white shoes? If you want to look casual and sporty, look for simple white shoes that can and will complement most of your outfits.

Tips and tricks

  1. Declutter: Marie Kondo your wardrobe. Ask yourself if it brings you joy. The more you have flashy clothes sticking out from your wardrobe, the harder it will be to commit to simpler clothes.
  2. Contrast: If you do not want to dress in one colour, try mixing it up with bold outwear. For instance, try pairing your formal black pants and blazer with a beige-pink blouse or switch out the formal attire with some jeans and a striped long sleeve.
  3. Set rules before you shop: Go into your wardrobe and make an inventory for what you need to buy. Take note of the things you already have. Go into stores with an already built-in idea of what you are going to look for. This will save you from splurging on unnecessary things.
  4. Start simple: Pick outfits that are easier to pull off, such as jeans and a collared shirt with some loafers. You can eventually branch out into more statement pieces once you get the hang of it.

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